We have had to change the way that we process flyer orders.   From now on, when you purchase flyers you will receive a template design at no extra cost.  The printing price includes the template (whether new or old). Each graphic can be modified for church services, revivals or special events etc.

S/H Is included on all order prices.

To complete an order please go to the "ORDER" page and fill out the order form.

Prices have increased slightly but are still the LOWEST ON THE MARKET and you get cutting edge designing!

After we receive the order we will contact you with your proofs for approval.

(If you have any questions please contact us before you order)

      Please note the number and title of the flyer. You will need that information when you fill out the ORDER FORM!

      CHRIST 001:
      Many faces of Christmas (the Holidays)
      Version 2
      CHRIST 002:
      Generic Christmas Flyer
      Alternate Back
      Version 2
      CHRIST 003:
      Generic Christmas Event Tickets
      Version 2
      CHRIST 004:
      Discover the Real Meaning of Christmas
      CHRIST 005:
      Ready to tell them the Truth?
      Version 2
      CHRIST 006:
      No Room at the Inn (Multiple Caption Possibilities)
      CHRIST 007:
      Start a new Christmas Tradition this year
      CHRIST 008:
      This Christmas, we need more than fantasy, we need Hope!
      CHRIST 009:
      Christmas Invitations: Fellowships/Banquets, etc...
      CHRIST 010:
      The Greatest Gift
      CHRISTMAS DRAMA/THEATER (with Full Script indicated) ::
      CHRIST-DRAMA 001
      Ebenezer Scrooge: A Christmas Carol
      CHRIST-DRAMA 002
      Goin' Postal
      CHRIST-DRAMA 003
      Miracle at Centerville Mall
      CHRIST-DRAMA 004
      It Happened One Night (Musical)
      CHRIST-DRAMA 005
      It's a Wonderful Life
      CHRIST-DRAMA 006
      Home for Christmas
      CHRIST-DRAMA 007
      The Grinch that Stole Christmas
      CHRIST-DRAMA 008
      It's a Wonderful Life; Full Color Vs.2
      CHRIST-DRAMA 009
      Charlie Brown Christmas
      CHRIST-DRAMA 010
      Four (4) Tales of Christmas
      CHRIST-DRAMA 011
      Ebenezer "G" Scrooge:
      Christmas in the Barrio

      CHRIST-DRAMA 012
      The Little Drummer Boy


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