We have had to change the way that we process flyer orders.   From now on, when you purchase flyers you will receive a template design at no extra cost.  The printing price includes the template (whether new or old). Each graphic can be modified for church services, revivals or special events etc.

S/H Is included on all order prices.

To complete an order please go to the "ORDER" page and fill out the order form.

Prices have increased slightly but are still the LOWEST ON THE MARKET and you get cutting edge designing!

After we receive the order we will contact you with your proofs for approval.

(If you have any questions please contact us before you order)

      Please note the number and title of the flyer. You will need that information when you fill out the ORDER FORM!

      FLYER 151:
      Facebook Friends
      FLYER 152:
      Getting Past Your Past
      FLYER 153:
      Evangelist Testimony: Philip Cardenas
      FLYER 154:
      Dreams Never Last, But...
      FLYER 155:
      Freedom from Addiction-Bill Cox
      FLYER 156:
      You Need Help to Change
      FLYER 157:
      Don't Push
      FLYER 158:
      In God We Trust
      FLYER 159:
      Evangelist Testimony: Jerry Fussell
      FLYER 160:
      Extreme Revival: Pastor Mitchell
      FLYER 161:
      City: Dennis Wright Evangelist
      FLYER 162:
      Hopeless Cross
      FLYER 163:
      Resolution: tap into Greatness
      FLYER 164:
      Resolution: Time to Let it Go
      FLYER 165:
      When was Your Last Victory?
      FLYER 166:
      Faith for the Mountain
      FLYER 167:
      Power to Face Your Giants
      FLYER 168:
      Reach Out!
      FLYER 169:
      Foundation in Storms
      FLYER 170:
      Freedom from Sin
      FLYER 171:
      Repent, Refine, Renew
      FLYER 172:
      John 3:16
      FLYER 173:
      The Gift of Freedom
      FLYER 174:
      The World is Unstable
      FLYER 175:
      The World Never Delivers
      FLYER 176:
      He is Risen
      FLYER 177:
      Redemption: Tools of the Trade
      FLYER 178:
      In God Alone
      FLYER 179:
      Break Free
      FLYER 180:
      Healing at the Cross
      FLYER 181:
      Wise Men Still Seek Him
      FLYER 182:
      Hope Restored
      FLYER 183:
      Move Your Mountains
      FLYER 184:
      Revival of Hope
      FLYER 185:
      Hope for our Community
      FLYER 186:
      I have Seen God Do Miracles
      FLYER 187:
      Evangelist: Mark Woods
      FLYER 188:
      Evangelist: Mark Woods the Strongman Show
      FLYER 189:
      What Lies Beneath?
      FLYER 190:
      Rise Above
      FLYER 191:
      Love, Hope, Forgiveness
      FLYER 192:
      Forgiveness Cross
      FLYER 193:
      Restoration: Never Thirst Again
      FLYER 194:
      Amazing Grace
      FLYER 195:
      End of the World
      FLYER 196:
      Aim Higher
      FLYER 197:
      Fact or Fiction
      FLYER 198:
      Stop Searching
      FLYER 199:
      I Am Free
      FLYER 200:
      New Hope, New Day


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